We welcome you to get your hands dirty during our planting and harvest season (April through October). Volunteers work at one of two locations: our flower farm on the 200 block of Manistique and Ashland or our produce farm on the corner of Freud at Newport, next to the Jordan Missionary Baptist Church. Please contact us before your visit so we know to expect you.

If you are not able come on Saturdays, but would still like to volunteer, please Contact Us to make other arrangements.

We would love to work with your school, church, work or other community organization. If your group would like to volunteer at The Garden or Detroit Abloom on a Saturday or any other time during the week, please Contact Us.

We are currently looking for any tools and equipment related to horticulture and food production: everything from canning jars, pickling crocks and dehydrators, to garden tools, wheelbarrows and a delivery van.

We are also interested in collecting natural building materials that we can use for future small housing construction projects, including stones, picnic tables, wood planks and interesting architectural features.

This Fall we started a campaign to raise $40,000 to build a root cellar under the ground where our hoop house was installed at the end of December. The root cellar is designed to overwinter thousands of dahlia tubers. The hoop house will enable us to grow plants under controlled conditions. Please help us fund the remaining $25,000 balance for the cost of the root cellar.

Your gift will enable our flower farm, Detroit Abloom, to continue providing local flowers at affordable prices, help the honey bee population and allow us to continue beautifying our community. Please make checks payable to The Garden Detroit and mail to 313 Newport, Detroit, Michigan 48215.

To make a secure tax deductible online donation, please click below.

Link to Fundraising Letter


We hire interns on a seasonal, as-needed basis. Additionally, we offer college credit through some colleges for certain courses.

We will gladly sign off on any community service hours for time you spend at The Garden Detroit.

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— Margaret Meade